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Palm City Youth Football & Cheer Program


The following are questions we are asked often. If you don't find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

Please note that some information may be subject to change as we are receiving new information from Pop Warner as the season approaches.  


What paperwork is required to register my child? 
  • We offer this handy checklist to help organize all of the paperwork needed. 
  • Two (2) copies of participant's 2020-2021 school year report card with all quarters (year end).
  • Completed 2021 Pop Warner physical form
  • Copy of participant's birth certificate
  • Wallet-sized photo of participant
  • Signed media consent form
  • Signed player contract
  • Copy of the parent's drivers license
  • Copy of Players Insurance Card
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When is the paperwork due? 
  • A complete paperwork package is due to the head team mom for the league prior to the equipment handouts. Equipment Handouts dates will be announced in the near future. No child will be given equipment until all paperwork is turned in. 
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When is registration?
  • Registration for football and cheer will run online beginning March 1st through July 31st. There will also be walk-up registration dates available - those dates will be announced in the near future. 
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How much does it cost to register my child? 
  • Registration is $225.00 for football and $250 for cheer. Sibling discounts are available. 
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Is there a payment plan offered?  
  • Yes. We offer a payment plan that separates the payments into as many as 6 payments. For football, if you register in March, it will be $37.50 each month on the 1st of the month until August 1st. For each month after the 1st, the initial payment will increase. For cheer, if you register in March, each payment will be $42.00 with the final payment in August at $40. Like football, for each month after the 1st, the initial payment will increase. 
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Is financial aid available?  
  • Yes. However as a non-profit organization, our ability to grant scholarships is limited to a defined budget. Each request is evaluated for severity of hardship and decisions are made as to whether a full, partial or no scholarship will be granted. 
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What football equipment is provided for football? 
  • Registration fees cover use of all protective equipment. This includes helmet, shoulder pads, chin strap, one (1) mouth guard and uniform which includes game jersey and game pants. All equipment (with exception of mouth guard and jersey) including uniform, is required to be turned in at the end of season. A practice jersey is also provided as part of your registration fee which your child will also get to keep at the end of the season. 
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What will I have to provide for my child (Football)?  
  • Football cleats (no metal spikes) 
  • Practice Pants - here are a few examples ***these specific ones are not required and are just used as examples. Here, Here and Here
  • Any additional optional protective equipment (cup, forearm pads, visor, etc...) Please note - the only helmet visors allowed must be completely clear (these are not required). Also, if you purchase your own mouthpiece, red mouth pieces are not allowed. 
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What equipment is provided for cheer leading?  
  • Registration fees cover the use of 2 cheer uniforms (Competition & Game Day) and practice uniform (dolphins shirt and shorts). Cheer uniforms must be turned in at the end of the season. Your child will get to keep the practice uniform. 
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What will I have to provide for my child (Cheer Leading)?  
  • A specific type of cheerleading shoe (approximately $60.00) 
  • Bloomers (approximately $10.00 for Non-Competitive; $20.00 for Competitive) 
  • Cheer Bows (approximately $25.00 - $35.00)
  • Travel Expenses for 2 possible competitions
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When does practice start?  
  • Please check your email from your head coach and Pop Warner for when practice will begin. Email us if you do not receive any emails.
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How many practices are held per week?  
  • Prior to September 1st, football teams/squads are permitted to practice up to 10 hours per week. Typical practice is 2 hours. After September 1st, football teams/squads are limited to 6 hours of practice per week. 
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What days will my child practice on? 
  • Football practices are typically held during the week from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, however the specific days and times are determined by the Head Coach. Cheer teams will practice evenings during the week as well (also to be announced by your coach). For those participating on our Competitive Cheer Teams (Mitey Mite - Varsity) there will be Sunday practices beginning at the end of football season until cheer season is completed. Cheerleading is a team sport. All members of a squad are a vital part of the team. When one person is absent, a minimum of three other cheerleaders can not practice that day. When making a decision to register for any cheer team, please understand that you and your child are making a commitment to attend all practices. Your child will be competing in a Local and Regional competition and could potentially advance to the National level. Regional Championships for cheerleading and football are held on Thanksgiving Weekend. National Championships are held during the first or second week of December in the Universal Orlando area. In recent years, a majority of our Dolphins Cheerleaders have advanced to the National level.
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Where will practices be held?
  • Due to the number of teams/squads we have within PCYF&C - practice will be held at any of the following locations: Jock Leighton Park & Immanuel Lutheran Church. (Additional locations may be added for cheer if necessary). 
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Who will be my child's coach? 
  • Coaches are selected by a Coaches Selection Committee, led by the football & cheer commissioners. In addition to general sport knowledge, all coaches are screened for: 
  • Ability to teach techniques that are safe and ensure the well being of each child,
  • Ability to teach sound football/cheer fundamentals and skills at the appropriate age level,
  • Ability to prepare players for the "next level",
  • Ability to create an experience for each child that above all, generates long term interest in the sport.
All coaches must also undergo a nationwide background check and complete a Pop Warner coach's certification course. The selection committee will make coaching announcements at the end of march. 

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How is my child placed on a team/squad? 
  • You child will be placed in a division based on the Pop Warner age guidelines. Here is the Pop Warner cheer matrix. Should there be more than 1 team/squad in a division, children will be assigned based on the PCYF&C player placement policy. 
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Do you need volunteers? 
  • ABSOLUTELY! We would not be able to operate our program without a strong volunteer base. Please click on Volunteer Opportunities for more information on how you can "get in the game". We need you! We will also have more opportunities to volunteer on game days as well! 
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Where will games be played? 
  • During the regular season, home games will be held at Jock Leighton Park. Away games are played against all teams in the Treasure Coast Conference (TCFC). During the playoffs, as teams advance in the playoffs further travel can occur. Actual game schedules will not be available until August. 
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How long does season last? 
  • Practice will begin in August. Typically games are played on Saturday's (makeup games and unique scheduling constraints sometimes dictate a game during the week). The final regular season games will be played the weekend during October. Post season playoffs or bowl games may extend the length of your child's season. Teams that continue to advance through the playoffs can extend into December.
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Are there additional fees for cheerleading? 
  • Yes, there is a $20 per month per athlete fee for all who are using our gym.
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Will my cheer team travel?

Yes. All of our teams will be traveling to the Southeast Region Cheer and Dance Championships which are held every year in Orlando over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our Challenger & Tiny Mite cheer teams have the opportunity to travel to the Regional event for an Exhibition only. The top 2 teams in every division at the Regional Championship will advance to the Pop Warner National Cheer and Dance Championships at Disney's Wide World of Sports during the first week of December.

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What should I know BEFORE I register my child for cheerleading?  
  • If your child is placed on a Palm City Dolphin Mitey Mite, Junior PeeWee, PeeWee, Junior Varsity or Varsity cheer team, it is a competitive team. We will be traveling Thanksgiving weekend to Orlando. Your child's team may be required to arrive on Thanksgiving Day. We will also hopefully be competing at Nationals during the first week of December. This competition does require missing 2 days of school. We do cheer at football games but the majority of our practice time is spend working on our competition routines. Please make sure you and your child are willing to commit to the full season. Cheerleading is a team sport and we need every athlete at every practice. We practice 2 or 3 times per week. 
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